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Department of Martial Arts




About the Department

  1. Department History

The Taipei Physical Education College was originally known as the Taipei Physical Education Junior College, which was founded in 1968 in accordance with government policy in developing physical education and the nine-year compulsory education plan. The first president of the college was Lin Hong-tan, the father of sports in Taiwan. In 1998, the college became the Taipei Physical Education College. In order to better train professionals in sports education, the president of the college at the time, Dr. Cheng Hu, organized the 32 activities in competitive athletics into four areas, based on the characteristics of the sport. The four areas are:

  1. Martial Arts (e.g., Boxing, Karate, Chinese Martial Arts, Taekwondo, Judo, Kendo, and Fencing)
  2. Ball Sports (e.g., basketball, volleyball, baseball, soccer, handball, tennis, badminton, table tennis, softball, American football, soft tennis, and field hockey)
  3. Aquatic Sports (e.g., swimming, rowing, kayaking, water polo, and triathlon)
  4. Athletics (e.g., track and field, gymnastics, archery, weight lifting, rope pull)
  1. Our Aims:

The department is concerned with the development of professionals in the martial arts, finding appropriate fields in society for students with certain abilities in martial arts, as well as creating plans for a second profession post-graduation.

  1. Professional sports educators and athletes
  2. Professional trainers in the social safety sector
  3. Educators in physical education
  4. Professionals in sports-and-exercise related fields
  1. Educational Vision and Goals

Short-term goals

  1. Completion of venues for technical courses.
  2. Raise the ability of educators in education/research/communication.

        Give students ability for independent study and career planning.

        Help the financially underprivileged to complete their study.

  1. Cooperate in inter-school projects.
  2. Establish a website for the Martial Arts alumni association

Mid-term goals

  1. Guide instructors in the creation of training models for each sport, the analysis of techniques, and the development of teaching materials.
  2. Give students higher ability to work on the international stage; recruit international students who are proficient in martial arts.
  3. Establish study groups/curriculums for second professions for student athletes post-graduation.
  4. Establish cross-industry internships and cooperation programs.
  5. Establish an alumni flow-back program.

Long-term goals

  1. Build an international martial arts training development center.
  2. Build sister university relationships with foreign universities.

Educational goals

  1. Train professionals in the martial arts.
  2. Train professionals in the fields of justice and law enforcement.
  1. Core Abilities
  1. Instill in our students the character they need to train and instruct in the martial arts: to be loyal to themselves and others, sincere in their dissemination of knowledge, determined and courageous for their future.
  2. Give our students the ability to train and plan for competitions in the martial arts.
  3. Train our students for work in the fields of justice and law enforcement.


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